Desktop PC and Computer Laptop Trade In

Trade In Your Unwanted Computers, Laptops, and Devices for Cash Today!

We can provide competitive prices for your computer trade-ins here in Los Angeles. This includes, but is not limited to, 当你想升级过时的技术时,你可以用旧的或有缺陷的设备进行交易, which is beyond repair. Digital screens, iPads, iPhones, Macs, and PCs are all eligible trade-in items. A member of our staff will inspect your device if you bring it in today to sell or swap it. Our team can also sell a variety of electronic devices that are deemed waste. We have discussed topics and steps and offered advice on things that you, as a user and potential customer, should be aware of.

If your current device is on its last legs and you are looking to upgrade, 乐投letou下载公司将为你的旧设备提供高价的折价交易. We accept Mac, PC, tablets, iPhones, and digital screens. Bring your device to the shop/store today to have it checked out by one of our staff.

Sell Your MacBook, Apple Products & Devices

If you are looking to sell your used Mac, iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device, you have come to the right place. We pay more than similar stores for a variety of Mac products, which include:

  • Mac Pro
  • iMac
  • iMac Pro
  • Mac Mini
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Pro 16 in
  • MacBook Pro 13 in
  • MacBook Pro 14 in
  • MacBook Air 13 in
  • MacBook Air 15 in
  • MacBook Air
  • iBook
  • iPad
  • iPad 1st Generation
  • iPad 2nd Generation
  • iPad 3rd Generation
  • iPad 4th Generation
  • iPad 5th Generation
  • iPad 6th Generation
  • iPad 7th Generation
  • iPad 8th Generation
  • iPad 9th Generation
  • iPad 10th Generation
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 14 Plus
  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • Cinema Displays
  • Apple TV
  • Mac Studio

Why You Should Trade In Device with California Computer

There is no doubt that desktop computers (PC) and laptops can be expensive. These products can cost thousands of dollars, which many consumers cannot afford. The good news is that there are ways to raise enough funds to purchase a new computer. Aside from shopping around and looking for bargains, consumers should consider selling or trading in their old laptops. 这将给消费者一些额外的现金,使他们能够更有效地投资购买新电脑. 本指南将教你为什么你应该考虑在未来的某个时候交易你的新乐投letou下载或PC设备.

Secure File Transfer

If you have privacy concerns regarding your files, do not worry. 只需要象征性的费用,我们就可以传输你所有喜欢的文件(音乐、图片、文档等).) from your old computer to your new one before the tech trade in. Additionally, 当您选择我们的以旧换新计划并将其移交给我们时,您的所有个人信息将从您的旧电脑硬盘驱动器中永久删除.

Should I Trade in My Old Laptop or Keep it and Buy a New One?

Every item experiences a usage cycle and depreciates over time. Additionally, compared to other assets like cars, the depreciation rate for technology, such as PCs, laptops, and tablets, is substantially higher. 例如,一部典型的手机在购买后的第一年价值会下降75%. As a result, tech companies work hard to create newer, better, 更快的设备型号,以跟上需求,并定期更换过时的软件和硬件.

使用早期的、功能齐全的乐投letou下载、个人电脑、平板电脑或智能手机版本是有问题的. And some outdated models, like most Apple devices, continue to command high prices on the used market. The computer market, or re-commerce as we like to call it, as a result, was created.

Liquidation Options

在加利福尼亚计算机公司出售不需要的商用计算机、服务器、打印机和网络设备. Our capable team can liquidate a variety of E-waste, such as overstocked technology, excess inventory, and obsolete equipment.

If your business is upgrading its current equipment, undergoing bankruptcy, or downsizing due to poor economic conditions, we can help you dispose of your current inventory of devices. Clients that have utilized our liquidation services include:

  • Folding Dot-Com Startups
  • Fortune 500 US Companies
  • Universities
  • Creditors
  • Debtors
  • Chief Information Officers (CIOs)
  • Management Information Systems (MIS) Managers
  • IT Business Sectors

Knowing When to Trade in Your Devices

An older electronic device's performance will change significantly over time. Due to the large amount of data computers store, laptops can become extremely slow. If your laptop overheats, the fan is noisy, it faces challenges in running several programs at once, or navigating between tabs in your web browser takes longer, it may be time to replace it. Desktop PCs are incapable of handling many tasks at once due to RAM limitations. As a result, both the machine and you as the user become slower in productivity. 对于电脑来说,保持稳定的温度和足够的通风是至关重要的. 如果通风不正常或被灰尘堵塞,你的乐投letou下载就会开始过热.

Don't be behind on innovative features and specifications. 如果您在洛杉矶,唯一能保证最佳性能和最新软件的方法就是在我们这里交易您的旧电脑. Replacements and upgrades, though unpopular, are necessary. However, these are expensive, 因此,利用以旧换新计划提供了一个经济实惠的选择,以确保你的设备中有你需要的一切, including the following: top performance, proper functioning, storage, features, and specifications required. 让我们协助您使这一过程无缝,并保证一个新的设备,是量身定制适合您的需求.

Preparing for Your Laptop or Computer Trade-In

Los Angeles Computer Trading is here to offer tips ahead of your store trade-in. 没有人希望丢失重要的工作文件或保存在电脑上的保护照片和视频. So, 记得在出厂重置乐投letou下载之前,花点时间把所有文件和文件夹移到外置硬盘上.

If you don't have an external hard drive, you can always upload them to a cloud storage service like:

  • OneDrive
  • DropBox
  • Google Drive.

Information You Need When You Store Trade In Your PC or Laptop Devices

When trading in your computer, 当你把你的乐投letou下载放到网上出售或拿进商店时,你必须提供有关乐投letou下载设备功能的详细信息. Keep this in mind and compile all the necessary information on your computer device.

For example, you could write down the manufacturer's name, the model number, the operating system, the processor's name, the amount of RAM it has, and the size of the screen for your laptop. Stay up to cutting-edge features and specifications.

If you live in Los Angeles, 保证最高效率和最新软件的唯一方法是在我们店里以旧电脑设备进行交易.

Even if they are undesirable, upgrades and replacements are essential. These are costly; utilizing trade-ins program is a cost-effective way to ensure your device offers everything you need, such as the best performance, efficient operation, capacity, features, and specifications.


Please ensure you have closed all your apps, services, and email accounts. 这样做可以确保购买你电脑的人无法访问你的任何数据或可能保存在你账户下的密码. Please make extra security arrangements, even though they are uncommon. The prior owner of the machine, who was you, is protected during this quick process.

数字内容管理技术很可能被你在乐投letou下载上购买的许多应用程序所使用,这些应用程序可以在安装它的电脑上保留文件,甚至是应用程序本身. These apps must be disabled, and the licenses must be transferred to the new laptop. To make the deactivation and transfer process easier and more efficient, 在开始之前,你可能想要评估所有的软件,并建立一个你想要转移到新电脑上的应用程序列表.

The most critical step before trading in your eligible devices, a laptop, or computer is cleaning the hard drive.

This ensures that all your data is completely erased from your laptop and removed for good, leaving no evidence or possibility for its recovery before you trade in. 磁盘擦除是必需的,因为不这样做将不断擦除整个硬盘驱动器, making it challenging to restore previous data after you've formatted your computer. 为了保证你所有的数据都已被销毁,你应该再擦一次硬盘. You can be sure that no one will retrieve your data this way.

Both the exterior and the interior of your laptop should be aesthetically attractive. We're exploring the best way to showcase the trade-in value of your computer. 保养良好的设备总是能更有效地运行,吸引人的产品能产生销售. You may start by shutting down your laptop, turning it over, 轻轻摇动键盘,以消除任何可能进入键盘缝隙的污垢. The particles can also be removed using a duster. 

Valuing Your Device Trade-In

在过去的十年里,洛杉矶的电脑以旧换新的电子设备呈上升趋势. Our sales have steadily outpaced desktop PC sales in the State of California.

The brand, amount of use, 也许最重要的是,保存和保养的好坏都会影响到一件东西的寿命, specifically here in the case of laptops.

Laptops last longer than mobile devices because they depreciate more slowly. 通过养成良好的设备维护习惯,你仍然可以出售或以旧换新一台使用了几年的电脑. Even though a laptop's worth declines with time, if it is still functioning and well maintained, it can still generate a profit through store trade in program. 在升级或更换旧型号时,维护对于获得“优秀”的商店以旧换新价值至关重要.

Selling your laptop and recycling its obsolete technology is an additional option. Unfortunately, the longer you keep it, the more value it loses. 尽快卖掉电脑,保持电脑的功能和良好状态是减少以旧换新价值损失的基本策略.

When searching to sell your item or equipment, 你可以访问许多第三方网站,从市场和附近商店的角度比较它的价值. Depending on your needs, some laptops are better than others, and depending on your industry, you may require RAM, software, processor power, or other features.

想想你的旧乐投letou下载缺少什么,你需要什么新的硬件或软件来提高性能. Since not everyone knows the most recent features, 拜访电脑专家可以帮助你决定哪种升级方式最适合你.

California Computer Laptop Devices & Desktop PC Store Trade In Program Quote Disclaimer

Please be advised that California Computer does not offer trade-in quotes over the phone. Due to the many variables in assessing the value of your laptop, our technicians will need to inspect it physically to determine its trade-in value.

Clearance Sale

我们为希望购买批量技术交易的批发商提供二手电脑的折扣价格. 请注意,我们的销售终止(EOS)和生命终止(EOL)产品资产恢复服务仅为商业客户设计. 目前,我们需要Cisco, Juniper和数据中心网络基础设施设备.

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